Fireworks displays

*Please note, there are no separate tickets for the kids display – it is part of the main event*

Children’s / Low Noise Display – 7pm

We’ve listened to your feedback from last year’s event and consequently moved the children’s display later in the programme and lengthened it. Hope you like what we’ve done!

Parents and kids alike can look forward to seeing some old favourites including Catherine wheels, flying pigeons, Roman candles, colour mines and falling leaves. You can also look forward to colour strobes, crackling comets, a Lotus wheel, small rockets, static fireworks, fountains and generally less noisy crackling! The display will be synchronised to some musical classics.

You’re going to love it!


Main Display – 8pm

Prepare to be blown away!

Our main display lasts approximately 25 minutes and please don’t feel embarrassed if your jaw drops open involuntarily…! Godalming based Flashpoint really know how to deliver magical musical displays. These boys are total fireworks fanatics. Pleasing a big crowd is their raison d’etre…look out for some amazing angles and stunning effects. Enjoy!

Gates open at 5.30pm with music and entertainment. The children’s display then starts at 7.00pm.