Disabled access

There are a number of provisions for those with a disability to enjoy our firework display:-

Disabled Viewing Area – a specific viewing area is located next to the children’s playground, opposite the cafe, offering an access friendly area to watch the display. Please note, space in this area is limited and restricted to 4 people per party/group.

Access Friendly Toilet Facilities – this is situated next to the disabled viewing area, by the playground. The main park toilet block, for other group members, is opposite the playground.

Access Friendly Entrance – we recommend entering Lake Meadows via the main entrance on Radford Crescent. There are no width restrictions at this entrance and it offers a hard standing surface. This will also be the entrance with the most marshals, should you require assistance.

Other Entrances – please note the following;

  • Hill House Drive – we strongly advise avoiding using this entrance if possible; on entering the park at Hill House Drive there is a steady gradient when heading in to the park, so please take extra care on entering. The concrete path will be diverted across grass and is therefore not suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Lake Avenue – Lake Avenue has a steep gradient and may not be a suitable entrance for disabled users. The entrance has good street lighting until entering the park.
  • Knightbridge Walk – there is a concrete path which leads to the main entrance, however the path is uneven in places with limited lighting.
  • Perry Street – access via Perry Street is via a narrow footpath. We expect this path to be extremely busy at peak times before and after the display. There is also no facility to light this path and the pavement is uneven in places.
  • Footpath from Cromwell Avenue – this route will also lead to a steep and narrow footpath that will not be floodlit.

We strongly recommend that those who have accessibility issues enter via the main entrance on Radford Way.  For those entering via other entrances, we strongly recommend that you bring a torch.

Underfoot Surfaces – as with most outdoor events of this nature, the main event takes place on a grass field. Underfoot conditions can vary depending on the weather. Every effort has been made to ensure that those with accessibility issues can view the display from a hard standing surface.

Medical Emergency – please stay calm and make your way to the first aid facility which is situated right by the disabled viewing area. If this is not possible, please contact an event steward who will be able to radio for help.